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Our Concept And Vision:

The concept and vision for The L.Y.F.E. Foundation grew as a result of its for-profit sister organization C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. L.Y.F.E., Inc. The C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. L.Y.F.E., Mentorship Model consist of various professionals from multiple educational arenas, dedicated to exposing today’s youth and young adults to a vast array of professions. The L.Y.F.E. Foundation will support that mission by providing access to a number of programs / services that will assist and expose socially and economically challenged youth and young adults to numerous educational opportunities in an effort to help them become successful in L.Y.F.E. We endeavor to also target this generation’s disconnected youth, ages 18-29, who are not currently enrolled in school or gainfully employed. Our vision is that every youth and young adult is provided educational opportunities to better assist him or her in becoming a successful citizen.



The L.Y.F.E. Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed specifically for youth and young adults.



The L.Y.F.E. Foundation’s mission is to assist and expose youth and young adults, especially those who are socially and economically challenged, to numerous educational opportunities in an effort to help them become successful in life.



The L.Y.F.E. Foundation’s vision is that every youth and young adult is provided educational opportunities to better assist him or her in becoming a successful citizen.



The L.Y.F.E. Foundation’s goal is to provide every youth and young adult with a platform to develop and create a personal path towards innovative educational opportunities.

The L.Y.F.E. Foundation’s Current and Developing Programs:


The L.Y.F.E. Foundation Live Conferences

If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area, join us for one of our hands-on, day-long conferences where 20-50 professionals from various career fields will show you what they do from day-to-day in their chosen field. L.Y.F.E. Foundation Live is a unique blend of information and demonstration. For example, you won’t have to wonder what nurses do anymore; you will see and hear it for yourself.

The L.Y.F.E. Foundation Scholarship

The L.Y.F.E. Foundation Scholarship is designed to make it easier for young adults and disconnected youth to attend a school of higher learning or technical school. Applicants should consist of graduating high school seniors planning to continue matriculating immediately following high school graduation, or in the case of disconnected youth, persons planning to re-enter the education realm by enrolling in community college, senior college or technical school within the next school term or course cycle. The L.Y.F.E. Foundation Scholarship is available on a competitive basis, and will be based on relative need, among other factors.

Career Development and Scholastic Testing

The L.Y.F.E. Foundation has created an amazing CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM just for you! Once a month we will host a simulation training in a specific career field.  Do you know a youth or young adult (ages 14-29) who wants to go into the medical field? Send them to the LYFE Foundations **Medical Training Session**. Here they will assess and treat patient after a horrible accident, at the community trauma hospital. This includes starting IV’s and scrubbing in for a simulated surgery.  Perhaps you know someone interested in becoming and engineer? Join us at the LYFE Foundations **Engineering Training Session**.Spend the day with us at the Intel Factory, and work side by side with the makers of the Pentium Processor, and other Engineers. All these fantastic programs will help youth and young adults maximize their educational journey and enhance their career exploration experience. Come receive the career mentoring your need to help you Take Control of Your LYFE.

Coming Soon: Our goal is to include such scholastic services as: Scholastic Tutoring; Summer Test Preparation; Summer Reading Enrichment Programs; Study Skills; Organizational Skills and Time Management; and more. Its going to be an exciting year for You!!

Community Scholarships Opportunities Just For You!
The L.Y.F.E. Foundation aims to honor its vision of having our youth and young adults become successful citizens as a result of access to educational opportunities by creating The L.Y.F.E. Foundation Scholarship Opportunity Page. The said program will be designed to assist students who are seeking educational opportunities in the community. Having an active and LIVE list of readily available scholarships and resources is essential to lowering our students CLiFS#’s (CHALLENGE LYFE Financial and Scholastics Number). The LYFE Foundation believes lowering the amount of financial debt our students acquire while pursuing their secondary education, will lead to increased levels of financial freedom after they graduate. We are excited to be working on the completion of this future endeavor.


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